North Victoria Oncology

North Victoria Oncology has commenced consulting suites in Shepparton Private Hospital. Patients can locally receive their cancer therapies in the newly built Day Oncology Unit within the hospital.

Patients can have the same oncologic treatments nearer home without having to travel to Melbourne. Being in a group practice ensures seamless continuity of care of our patients even if the primary oncologist may be away. In addition, patients will have access to a 24/7 oncologic service at the public hospital in the event of any oncologic related emergencies. As part of patient-centric care, ongoing involvement of local medical practitioners and timely correspondence will be our priority.

Every patient with a newly diagnosed cancer will be discussed at a multi-disciplinary meeting where treatment recommendations are made. We have well established networks with local specialists as well as metropolitan centres which enable appropriate and timely referrals to other cancer specialists to be made so that prompt management can be started to ensure optimal patient outcome.

We look forward to providing our service to oncology patients in our community.

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